Khayan 160207-_DSC446532 members attended the 5th annual Khayan Super Bowl Party for SUPER BOWL 50 where we watched the Denver Broncos trounce the Carolina Panthers 21 to 10. Based on the cheers and jeers the crowd appeared to favor the Panthers but to no avail. Members also enjoyed the scrumptious food served in excess including Maria Gutherie’s famous clam chowder. A lot of our two-seater birds were also driven to the event which always shows club spirit not to mention you get additional Khayan BUCKS!


There are additional photos and information are available on our Club’s Facebook Group.  All members are encouraged to join the Facebook Group for more club related photos, discussions and information. If you aren’t a member, you can fill out the application on this site and fix that!  A video from that site is shown here:


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